Most Popular Innopreneur Award

Voting Instruction

  1. Voting will be opened in November 2022 and closed on 31 December 2022 (23:59 HKT). Any vote will not be counted after voting closed.
  2. Only one vote per each IP address. Visitor can only vote for one candidate each time.
  3. The first entry with the highest votes will be the winner of “Hong Kong Innopreneur Awards – Most Popular Innopreneur Award” and the result will be announced during the Award Presentation Ceremony in February 2023.
  4. The Organiser reserves the full discretion, including the right to alter the voting schedule, postpone, suspend, change or cancel the Award without prior notice.
  5. All voters agree to be bound by all these Terms and Conditions upon voting.
  6. The Organiser’s decision in relation to all matters affecting the Vote is final.

2022-Candidates-EN Live

  • Mr Cheung Ho-ching, Alvin
    0% 397 / 339.2k
  • Dr Chiu Yin-to, Ricky
    0% 1.7k / 339.2k
  • Dr Lam Fung, Tenny
    1% 4.5k / 339.2k
  • Ms Lam Hiu-ying, Juliana
    4% 14.5k / 339.2k
  • Dr Lee Hau-him, William
    0% 808 / 339.2k
  • Mr Lei Chunran, Kelvin
    0% 2.3k / 339.2k
  • Mr Kingsley Leung
    39% 133.4k / 339.2k
  • Prof Ng Siew Chien
    51% 175.7k / 339.2k
  • Ms Tse Hoi-ching, Ivy
    6% 20.3k / 339.2k
  • Mr Yeung Kwong-wing, William
    0% 709 / 339.2k

 *Candidates are presented by surname, in alphabetical order.