Most Popular Innopreneur Award

Mr Cheung Ho-ching, Alvin

Co-Founder & CEO, Zunosaki Limited

Technology inventions help people around the world live longer and healthier, spur our economy and solve our social problems. As the Co-founder and CEO of a Robotic HealthTech start-up with the focus to tackle the problem of healthcare accessibility and improve the quality of life of the disabled, not only do we design and develop affordable robotic products for physical rehabilitation, but also provide solutions to tackle emerging problems in the elderly and healthcare industries.


Dr Chiu Yin-to, Ricky

Chairman & CEO, PHASE Scientific International Limited

Dr Ricky Chiu has been recognised as being one of the top leaders in the biotechnology field in Hong Kong. He is driven by his passion to serve humanity. Born in Hong Kong and trained in the United States, he has developed a proprietary sample preparation technology which significantly increases the speed and accuracy of diagnostic testing, enabling earlier detection of cancers and infectious diseases and reducing the excess deaths associated with these diseases.


Dr Lam Fung, Tenny

CEO & Co-Founder, Grand Rise Technology Limited

Having engaged in information technology since 1990s, Dr. Tenny Lam (PolyU DBA) had served as the senior management of MNCs for many years. In recent years, he took over his family business of a conventional chemical manufacturer and has been determined to leverage his rich experience in innovative technology to drive reform and pursue technology breakthroughs.


Ms Lam Hiu-ying, Juliana

Founder and President, Innotier Limited

Ms Juliana Lam is the Founder and President of INNOTIER. With “Business with a Purpose” as the company’s core principle and ESG as the brand’s values, she has created several innovative anti-viral products under the new normal. Under the short span of 2 years, INNOTIER has been granted with 4 patents, including the silver yarn fabric and UVC disinfection system, and has since worked with numerous international brands and has accomplished remarkable achievements such as being recognised as a Certified Sustainable Development Corporation (CSDC) presented by UNESCO.


Mr Lee Hau-him, William

Co-Founder, I2Cool Limited

Dr. William Lee is a Co-founder of i2Cool Limited. I2Cool limited is a start-up with a vision to achieve zero-carbon emission for the built environment. William spares no effort to develop novel technologies for sustainability and carbon neutrality. The signature electricity-free cooling paint can effectively reduce electricity consumption and the energy saving can reach 40%. The electricity-free cooling paint won Gold with Congratulations of the Jury in Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days 2021.


Mr Lei Chunran, Kelvin

CEO and Co-Founder, AQUMON

When Kelvin first arrived in Hong Kong back in 2008, investment was not particularly a popular phrase to the general public thanks to the financial crisis. Seven years later, as the vice president at Deutsche Bank Hong Kong, Kelvin felt the quality of traditional wealth management still left a lot to be desired, and they were not accessible by customers outside of private banking. At that moment Kelvin decided to leave the corporate world behind and co-founded AQUMON with Doctor Don Huang, with one goal in mind – to empower everyday investor to participate in wealth creation and bring about real social progress.


Mr Kingsley Leung

Chairman & Co-Founder, Great Bay Bio Limited

As a first-time entrepreneur, being able to create a company with meaningful impact has always been my number goal. With Great Bay Bio, an innovative AI enabled bioprocessing platform, we can really achieve this goal via multiple dimensions:


Prof Ng Siew Chien

Co-Founder, GenieBiome Limited

Recognised as one of world’s most outstanding and highly-cited clinician-scientists from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Prof Siew Ng’s discoveries have revolutionised human health. By using a tiny stool sample, she decodes the trillions of bacteria DNA inside your gut and utilizes AI-driven algorithms to predict risk of diseases.


Ms Tse Hoi-ching, Ivy

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, FreightAmigo Services Limited

Ivy has 15 years of regional management experience in several Fortune Global 100 companies, including ICT, cloud services & the logistics industry. Most recently held various leadership roles in program delivery, client implementations and compliance. She is also an ISO 9001 auditor, awarded as 2021 Deloitte Tech Fast Female Award Winner and a member of the Hong Kong Logistics Development Council since 2021.


Mr Yeung Kwong-wing, William

Co-Founder & CEO, MediConCen Limited

William Yeung is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries with solid experience in digital commerce and insurtech applications. He is the co-founder & CEO of MediConCen Limited, which is an insurtech company which utilises blockchain to automate insurance claim and the company launched the first-in-Asia blockchain medical ecosystem with leading insurers.


*Candidates are presented by surname, in alphabetical order.

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