Proudly launched by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI) and supported by HSBC as the Title Sponsor, the Hong Kong Innopreneur Awards (the Awards) is first launched in 2022. The Awards aim to endorse and honour forward-looking and promising startup founders on an individual basis, who have attained breakthrough innovation in their businesses and commit to bringing positive impacts to the community and society.

The Award judging process involves leading figures from political, prestigious business leaders, industrial heavyweights and I&T sectors, forging it into one of the most reputable startup accolades in Hong Kong. The panel interviews each shortlisted candidate to give fair and balanced assessments to his/her achievements and contributions to ensure the awards are conferred on the best candidates.

The Award not only commends the remarkable results achieved by the entrepreneurs, but also serves as a significant motivation for industry players, driving the entrepreneurial spirit and encouraging quality talents to be future industrial leaders, who support Hong Kong’s development into an international I&T hub.


FHKI was established in 1960 to promote and foster the interests of Hong Kong’s industrial and business communities. Representing manufacturing and associated businesses from 32 industry groups, FHKI brings together like-minded entrepreneurs to spearhead the advancement of Hong Kong’s industry. Through policy advocacy, professional business support services and cross-sector collaboration, FHKI strives to build a dynamic industrial ecosystem to take forward transformation and re-industrialisation of Hong Kong’s economy, sparkling new business opportunities and charting diverse paths for the younger generation.